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We are the kids Boys and Girls First birthday organizer in Chandigarh , panchkula, mohali, kharad, zirakpur & nayagaon Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Bulandshahr, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Moradabad, Nainital, Dehradun, Masuri, Rohtak, Hisar, Jind, Panipat, Sonipat, Indore, Jaipur, Haryana, Manesar, Sirsa, Bhiwadi, Bhopal, Patna, panchkula, Agra, Raipur, and Kanpur.

In our Indian’s culture we celebrate lots of occasions as Baby shower, welcome baby party, Theme Party, Baby 1st Birthday, Birthday celebrations, Anniversary party, wedding, Adults party, Girlfriends birthday and many more.

So we need a perfect and expert party planner, who can plan our party decorations very well as per our dream. So don’t worry party balloon is one of the best event management company in Chandigarh. We deliver all services on your party location as your home or hotels. Even any budget in your mind, we fit your party expenses in your pocket. Kids birthday balloon decorator and First birthday theme party planner in Chandigarh, panchkula, nayagaon and all over India.

We deals in balloons decorations, flower decorations, lighting, tent services, artist management, live singers, rock bands, sound systems, kids games, theme décor, latest craft decorations and more. We catch our all ideas from American lifestyle, which are very lovely and gorgeous. Our decoration pattern is not like that other planners.

Party balloon decorator serve you such a good kind of themes like entrance gate, party area decoration, roof decoration, cartoon pillars, theme cutouts, Centre table decoration, cake table, photo booth, background. In our lifestyle everyone need an excellent party decoration on their party. Décor attract all people eyes, when party finished guest says to host- wow what a lovely decoration and they tell you who decorate your party? We are baby birthday party balloon decorator in Chandigarh

Guest notice in your party how is your food, decoration, return gift, your dress up and party area all services. After that they decide, I also have to do such a great party like you.

The main matter is this it’s totally depends on your party planner so you need to hire party balloons. In one roof all things are available for your party.

In our life, one moment is very famous- birthday party

Everyone have to celebrate their birthday either your kids birthday, 1st birthday, 16th birthday, 21st, surprise birthday party, mom’s birthday and anyone. On all birthday party you thinks, what I can do best. So don’t worry about that, throw your party on party balloons. We will give you lovely ideas for birthday theme party decorations as baby theme party decorations in Chandigarh

Now days if you plan an occasion one thing is most popular. Party Balloon decoration – which is very cute and fulfil your empty location into party place. Balloons have lots of verity, by balloon you can write names, decorate walls, roof, doors, window and many more as per your choice.

Kids theme party decorations is not an easy job, planners need such a good knowledge of colors combination, decorations idea’s, props, food, theme stuff and etc. party balloon decorator is really amazing event planner who can give you best. We have lots of kind of balloons like helium balloons, gas balloons, foil balloons, kids name balloons, alphabet balloon. You can make your baby 1st birthday theme party decoration as per your mind. Birthday theme Party planners & Organizers in Chandigarh

1st birthday party for boys and girls, take ideas from our experts. We have all decorating stuff as birthday balloons, girl’s theme party props, return gifts, caps, hooters, mask, banners, kid’s games, cake plates and all stuff for birthdays. If you need girl 1st birthday party ideas or boy 1st birthday theme party ideas, we are ready to relay your kid’s birthday theme decorations and games.

Why understand your choice and give you all better services related to your function. We know your concern and dream's, fulfill your dreams with us. Give us a chance, we will prove you, but your budget is very important. We understand you have lots of expenses in your function, so we customize budget accordingly you. On time you can get everything because time is also matter, with services. Ideas- you can pick innovative ideas from our website galley, sometime we miss small things, and we mention all needs into our website.

Our Packages

Birthday Decoration

Happay Birthday Foil

150 Balloon (With Ribbon)

1 Fairy Light

₹1500 5.0 (1 ratings)

Happay Birthday Foil

150 Balloon (With Ribbon)

2 Fairy Light

20 hart sev balloon red color

₹1800 5.0 (1 ratings)

Happay Birthday Foil

200 Balloon (With Ribbon)

1 Fairy Light

2 Frill Cotten

2 Carektor Cartoon

Age Letters 32 Inch

₹2500 5.0 (1 ratings)

Happay Birthday Foil

300 Balloon (With Ribbon)

Name Letters

2 Carektor Cartoon

₹2000 5.0 (1 ratings)

Anniversary Decoration

Happay Birthday Foil

200 Balloon (With Ribbon)

1 Heart on the Stand

1 Heart Stand Foil Balloons

1 Kg Rose Petal

20 Candel

₹3000 5.0 (1 ratings)

Happay Birthday Foil

250 Balloon (With Ribbon)

3 Frill Cotten

Age 18 Inch Foil

₹2000 5.0 (1 ratings)

Surprise Decoration

I Love You Foil

5 Heart Foil Balloon

200 Balloon (With Ribbon)

1 Fairy Light

₹2500 5.0 (1 ratings)

kabana On The Bed

Happay Birthday Foil

10 Heart Foil Balloon

200 Balloon (With Ribbon Black and Silver)

5 Fairy Light

1 kg rose petal(rose walkway on floor and heart on bed)

20 tea candles

₹4000 5.0 (1 ratings)

Ring Decoration

Happay Birthday Foil

200 Balloons with Ribbon

Age Letter 18 Inch

₹3000 5.0 (1 ratings)

1 Flax Theam

300 Balloon

50 Crome Balloon


5 Blider Balloon

₹6000 5.0 (1 ratings)

Ring decoration

2 Cartain

1 foil

200 balloon with ribban

₹3000 5.0 (1 ratings)

Happy Birthday Foil

300 Balloon

5 Foil Balloon Per Theam

50 Crome Ballon

200 balloon with ribban

5 Small Star

₹4500 5.0 (1 ratings)

We create the atmosphere you wish
to offer to your child and friends.

birthday balloon decoration in chandigarh


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Our Theme Parties & Entertaiment

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birthday theme party planner in chandigarh

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Balloon Artist

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Magician and Tattoo Makers

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birthday decoration in chandigarh

Birthday Decorating Stuff

Birthday decoration in chandigarh, panchkula, nayagaon.


Our Birthday Organisers will help you plan your party
every step of the way up to the day of your event!



Game & Rides

Party Balloon Have amazing ideas for your lovely kids games and rides for all kids of events planning.

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baby born party decorator in delhi

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We create the atmosphere you wish
to offer to your child and friends.